CCFP Training Program

Certified Corporate Financial Planner(CCFP)

About CCFP Membership

Certified Corporate Financial Planner is the senior professional certification of corporate financial planning under the Institute of Forensic Accountants, which is a corporate financial planning certification system for employees of investment consulting, funds, banks, insurance, private placement and other institutions as well as those responsible for financial management within enterprises. Through examination, certification and practice, members establish industry ethics and professional standards, to ensure that the professional quality and service of corporate finance in the industry meet the international standards, and obtain CCFP qualification certification. The holder of this professional qualification is not only a financial planner but also has a professional knowledge of financial management. Corporate financial planners are high-end financial professionals recognized at home and abroad, enjoying a high reputation in banking, insurance, securities and other corporate financial industry.

Certified Corporate Financial Planner is the most popular qualification certificate for corporate finance executives in China. It not only represents the authoritative certification of corporate finance, but also a proof of the internationally recognized level of corporate finance.

Certified corporate financial planners are becoming a new generation of financial professionals. At present, China's financial market has been fully opened to the outside world, China's economy has rapidly integrated into the global economy, and the financial means of enterprises and financial institutions tend to be diversified, professional and in line with international practices, so enterprises need a large number of professional financial management talents. Certified corporate financial planner will definitely have a great career prospect.

Training Objective

After training, people will:

  • Set up the knowledge system of systematic financial product application - solid professional ability, and lay a solid foundation of comprehensive financial planning ability;
  • Improve the view of things and the height of the pattern, enhance the conversation highlights professional;
  • Combined with their own work experience, in-service giants in the finance and accounting industry applied the knowledge learned in CCFP to practical work, helping to improve the productivity of individuals and teams;
  • CCFP members can enjoy more follow-up excellent courses and activities free of charge to continuously improve marketing and professional ability;
  • CCFP members can legally use CCFP qualifications and trademarks on business items such as letters and business cards.

Authentication Object

  • Employees of investment consulting, funds, banks, insurance, private placement and other institutions;
  • Senior financial management personnel such as financial director, financial manager and financial director;
  • Member of the company's board of directors and board of supervisors;
  • Senior management involved in major investment decisions and financial strategic planning.

About CCFP Exam

Application requirements:

Students who meet one of the following conditions and have been approved by the association can register for the examination:

  1. College degree or above;
  2. More than one year working experience in finance, finance, investment, fund, insurance, etc.

Exam subjects:

Senior Certified Corporate Planner Exam (Integrated)

Test place

The test location is flexible and the network is smooth

Exam content:

Six sections of corporate finance

  1. Basic financial planning
  2. Investment planning
  3. Risk management and application of legal knowledge
  4. Corporate financial planning
  5. Manage accounting and corporate tax concepts
  6. Application of corporate financial planning

Test Time:

The last weekend of March, June, September and December of each year, subject to specific examination notices.

Test form

Computer test, comprehensive one exam, the system random questions, including single choice (150 questions), multiple choice (30 questions), the specific time is set to 180 minutes, the system automatically shut down when the test time.

Exam results:

The correct rate is 75%, that is, if you pass the exam, you will receive the certificate in about a month.

Note: Applicants with bachelor's or master's degree in accounting, tax law, financial management, finance, insurance, actuarial, fund majors or non-professionals with certificates related to accounting, tax law, financial management, finance, insurance, actuarial or fund may apply for exemption from the examination.