CIArb Training Program

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)

Training Objective

After training, people will:

  • Interested in the field of ADR (" alternative "dispute resolution);

  • Those who want to learn more about international arbitration and mediation;

  • Wish to become an international arbitrator or mediator in the future;

  • Wish to become a member of ACIArb;

About CIArb Exam

Part 1: Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution
Part 2: International Commercial Arbitration
Part 3: Consumer Adjudication
Part 4: Construction Adjudication
Part 5: Mediation
Part 6: Domestic Arbitration
Part 8: Conciliation
Part 9: Mini-Trial

Part 10: Early Neutral Evaluation
Part 11: Expert Determination
Part 12: Negotiation
Part 13: Neutral Expert Fact-Finding
Part 14: Ombudsman
Part 15: Online Dispute Resolution
Part 16: Private Judging
Part 17: Summary Jury Tria